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Donuts Shop Instagram Posts

On a monthly basis, I create some cool designs exclusively for LoloWalt, a doughnut shop franchise in Brazil.

Given the existing brand logo, my client requested incorporating its designated colour palette into the visual content shared through Instagram posts and stories.

Through meticulous research and font experiment, I selected two fonts that complement each other, enhancing the overall visual appeal of LoloWalt’s Instagram designs.

Furthermore, I integrate a semi-transparent background featuring captivating images of doughnuts alongside vibrant and playful visual elements to boost the overall aesthetic appeal of the designs.

An element I particularly emphasize in my design approach is the integration of shadows, a technique that imparts a dynamic and three-dimensional quality to the imagery.

For a firsthand look at my work, please check out some of the posts I created below. Additionally, you are invited to explore Lolo.Walt’s Instagram profile here for a comprehensive overview of the content I contribute to the brand’s digital presence.


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