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Embroidery Instagram Posts

I had the pleasure of working with my client, the talented Andressa Pickusch, who specialises in creating exquisite embroidery. She recently embarked on a journey to establish her presence on Instagram, aiming to display and sell her remarkable creations.

Our first challenge was to craft a captivating logo that truly encapsulated Andressa’s artistry. You can admire the final result right here.

Once the logo was in place, the next step involved crafting a series of Instagram posts that would serve as a digital canvas for Andressa to exhibit her work. We decided to adopt a minimalist approach, combining delicate floral elements and a warm mustard/yellow color scheme to complement the elegance of her embroidery.

The culmination of our efforts is a captivating Instagram feed that beautifully showcases Andressa’s intricate handiwork. The posts exude a sense of sophistication, inviting viewers to explore her world of artistic embroidery.  

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