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On this project, the client approached me with a specific request – to enhance her Instagram visual identity to create a more chic and clean aesthetic.

Following a thorough briefing session, we agreed upon various design elements and strategies to achieve this desired outcome.

One of the primary goals was to ensure that her exquisite jewellery pieces stood out prominently in each post. To achieve this, we opted for a neutral colour palette that complemented the jewellery’s elegance while minimizing visual clutter on her feed. The careful selection of these muted tones resulted in a cohesive and sophisticated look across all her Instagram posts.

I’ve created 40 stunning Canva templates that were thoughtfully designed to highlight the unique aspects of her jewellery while maintaining a sense of simplicity and refinement.

Throughout the design process, I ensured the templates were visually appealing and easy for her to use later. This way, the client could effortlessly create and maintain a consistent visual identity for her Instagram page, streamlining her content creation process.

By providing the client an enhanced Instagram visual identity, I have empowered her to create a captivating and refined online presence that aligns perfectly with her brand’s values. The client’s satisfaction and positive feedback testify to our collaboration’s success. It was gratifying to witness the transformation of her Instagram profile into a visually stunning platform that captures the essence of her business.

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