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Lawyer Instagram Posts

Since November/2023, I started to curate exclusive custom designs for a lawyer (and my brother) based in South Brazil.

Adhering to the ethical guidelines outlined by the OAB, all promotional materials must be composed with discretion and moderation, focusing solely on informational and educational content, hence that the carrossel for the instagram feed is the best way to go.

My client gave me a free hand to choose the colour palette, so in alignment with the existing brand logo, I’ve selected a taupe (brownish) and a light orange shade (that resembles a bit of gold colour on the logo).

I decided to use on the designs, the same two fonts on the logo to keep the visual appeal simple yet elegant.

A key characteristic of my designs is using shadows, a technique that adds depth and three-dimensional quality to the imagery.

To see my work, please explore the sample posts presented below. Additionally, feel free to visit Thiago F. Piccinini’s Instagram profile here for a complete overview of the content I design for the brand’s digital presence.

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