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Sara Pscheidt Website

I had the pleasure of creating a website for the talented graphic designer Sara Pscheidt. The process was super cool!

First, we dive into the essence of her work. We wanted the site to reflect Sara’s artistic vibe. We started with design, creating a clean layout, but at the same time showing her personality.

The next step was to choose the colours and fonts. As the client already had her logo, we matched it with dark tones.

Then came the fun part: building the website itself. I used an intuitive platform to facilitate navigation, ensuring visitors can easily explore her work.
I’ve included specific sections for different design types, making the user experience more straightforward.

As per client’s request, I’ve designed an easy and clean website, with the homepage a visually appealing portfolio showcasing Sara’s impressive projects.

We also added an About Me and a Contact section so potential customers could easily connect, plus a top bar with her social media links.

The end result? A website that not only showcases Sara’s talent but also reflects her unique personality. Now, she has an incredible online presence to show the world her exceptional graphic design skills!

You can click here and see the website that I’ve created for this fantastic client.

Sara Pscheidt Website

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