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Butter.and.Fly Logo

The first logo I created was designed especially for my website, Butter.and.Fly, an online space where I share my experiences and offer valuable tips about the places I’ve been travelling to. It is a visual representation of my passion for travel, capturing the essence of adventure and discovery that drives the content of this site, inviting other explorers to embark on this journey with me.

I created this logo in Photoshop, taking advantage of the software’s flexibility and creative tools.

Additionally, when completing the logo, I ensured it was in vector format. This is key to ensuring scalability and quality across different sizes. As my website can be accessed on various devices, from computer screens to mobile devices, the versatility of the logo is essential. The vector format allows the logo to be resized without loss of quality, ensuring that it maintains its sharpness and clarity, regardless of the size at which it is displayed.

Butterandfly Logo 2 Butterandfly Logo

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