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Welcome Guide – Grupo Mulheres do Brasil

As a volunteer Head of Communications at “Grupo Mulheres do Brasil, Núcleo Londres,” I undertook a really nice project. The goal was to create a comprehensive guide that would elucidate the organisation’s purpose on a global scale while focusing on the specific role of the London group within it.

To accomplish this, I drew inspiration from a preexisting guide crafted by the Barcelona group and adapted it to cater to the unique needs and preferences of the London community.

I took charge of the design process, opting for a cover portraying a woman engrossed in reading, symbolising the essence of a women’s group. Furthermore, I chose a turquoise colour palette, consciously aligning with the schemes previously employed by the group.

The result was a 30-page document encompassing all the essential information for the Brazilian community.

If you’re interested, you can access the complete work by clicking on the following link: Link to the Complete Work.

Manual Boas-Vindas

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